About the STEP-UP fellowship program

The nature of healthcare is always changing and evolving to better meet patient needs while healthcare institutions balance that with staffing, budgetary, and technological demands. With these changes, there is a need to upgrade physician and surgeon skills and help them learn new technology and adapt to newer methods of treatment. The program will provide an experience to select physicians and surgeons and offer a 6–12-month fellowship program through qualified hospitals that can serve as centres of excellence. The need for physician and surgeon upskilling lies in all specialties, young physicians often face challenges when they start their career due to insufficient knowledge and exposure to newer methods of treatment and procedures. This program will solve this problem by helping young physicians to keep abreast of changes and advances in technology which will help them serve their patients better. The program will provide an opportunity for physicians to learn on the job which will be a cost effective and efficient way of increasing knowledge and skills in limited time.

Application Procedure:

Before hospitals can participate in the DakshamA Health fellowship program, they must first enroll in our database and complete an application form. Once the hospital completes the application form and meets all eligibility criteria, DakshamA Health will evaluate the application and notify the hospital if it has been selected. If selected, the hospital will receive a comprehensive application form for further information of the institute and once the information is completed by the hospital, only then a form for the fellows will be released, which must be completed by the hospital itself.

To begin the process, please fill out the hospital registration form given below. This form will help us determine if your hospital meets the basic requirements to apply for the fellowship program. Once you have completed the form, our team will review it and reach out to you with further instructions on how to proceed. Thank you for your interest in the DakshamA Health fellowship program.