Sustained Training & Education Project - Upgrading Physician Skills

About the STEP-UP fellowship program

The nature of healthcare is always changing and evolving to better meet patient needs while healthcare institutions balance that with staffing, budgetary, and technological demands. With these changes, there is a need to upgrade physician and surgeon skills and help them learn new technology and adapt to newer methods of treatment. The program will provide an experience to select physicians and surgeons and offer a 6–12-month fellowship program through pre identified hospitals that can serve as centre of excellence. The need for physician and surgeon upskilling lies in all specialties, young physicians often face challenges when they start their career due to insufficient knowledge and exposure to newer methods of treatment and procedures. This program will solve this problem by helping young physicians to keep abreast of changes and advances in technology which will help them serve their patients better. The program will provide an opportunity for physicians to learn on the job which will be a cost effective and efficient way of increasing knowledge and skills in limited time.

Features of this program

  • Duration: 6 to 12 months.
  • Skill enhancement under an experienced doctor who is the guide for the fellow.
  • Fellowship is undertaken at the hospital with which the guide is attached.
  • The program will support the fellows financially by giving them a monthly stipend through a selected hospital. Selection of the hospital, guide, and acceptance of the fellow by the guide is facilitated by DakshamA health.
  • The Fellows are qualified doctors- MBBS and MS/MD from recognized medical colleges.
  • Fellowship is extendable for a maximum of 6 months on submission of requirement and case presentation by the fellow.

Applicant Checklist

Prior to the start of training, an applicant must meet all requirements for entry into the program.

Please click on the download button below to access the checklist


The application pack will be received by DakshamA Health.Once all the items from the checklist are received, then initial screening will be done by the project officer at DakshamA, and for final screening the Steering committee will go through the pack.

All the mentioned documents in the list below are required for processing prospective candidate's application for the fellowship programme.

  1. Cover letter addressed to CEO, DakshamA Health
  2. Application form complete in all respect.
  3. Acceptance letter from the guide- Format.
  4. 2 Reference letters.
  5. Statement of purpose.
  6. Training details.
  7. Resume.
  8. Certificates- MBBS,M.S.,M.D.
  9. Nationality proof
Fellowship Application Form