Who are our members?

DakshamA members share a belief in patient-centred healthcare, the right to access, affordable and quality healthcare. DakshamA members are patients’ organisations, patients themselves or caregivers working at the international, regional and national level to represent and support patients, their families and carers. Members are at the core of DakshamA’s work. The impact of DakshamA’s voice is created by the diversity and breadth of members, which incorporates the views of national and umbrella disease associations with those of community-based organisations. Organisations that join DakshamA become a part of the national patients’ movement to place patients at the centre of healthcare systems in India. Become a DakshamA Member and receive the following benefits:

  • Impact:
    Ensure the perspectives of your organisation contribute to the global patients’ voice, influencing global healthcare policy agendas by taking an active part in DakshamA’s International, Regional and National advocacy, events and capacity building programmes.

  • Visibility:
    Showcase your organisation’s activities and events at an international level through DakshamA’s exclusive members’ platform, including a Member Newsletter, website and an online calendar of events.

  • Network:
    Become part of a global network of patients’ organisations and important healthcare stakeholders from around the world.

  • Participate:
    Receive priority invitations to participate in DakshamA and external events, including free or significantly reduced registration to attend the Events.

  • Support:
    DakshamA’s capacity building programme is designed to meet the needs of DakshamA members who receive exclusive opportunities to participate in programmes and events.

  • Promotion:
    Members can apply for free DakshamA resources to support their events, campaigns and publications. Members also receive a DakshamA Member logo upon joining for use on their website.

  • Shape:
    Members can guide and shape DakshamA’s work by voting at the Annual General Meeting and participating in exclusive member consultations and steering committees.


Dakshama Health offers memberships to both, individuals and organisations :


Full Members

Organization Members are patient led, non-governmental oganizations that commit working patient centred healthcare and/or act strategically building initiatives, policies and services. These organizations want to participate and influence in the development of the Patient Centred Healthcare including access and quality.

Institution Members

Institution Members are educational societies, universities, professional bodies and research institutes that commit towards fostering innovation, drug development, medical devices and other areas of healthcare. This is a paid membership. Nominees of Education Institution Members have no voting rights.

Honorary Members

Eminent members of the education profession or persons of high scientific attainment or managerial practices from any country may be nominated as honorary members (if so approved by the Governing Body). Members desirous of proposing such members must send details of the person with contact information to the Managing Director.


Active Member

Individuals who are in a health care environment including, health care patient advocates, patient representatives, nurses, social workers and/or staff members responsible for representing patients and serving as a liaison between patients, families, and the health care institution. They have voting rights. There is a nominal membership fee.
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Associate Member

Individuals who have an interest in, but no direct responsibility for patient services or representation in the health care environment. In most cases, Associate Members are individuals who work for sponsoring organizations and/or have the ability to “scale” to Active Members.

Affiliate Member

Individuals interested in understanding the role of, and in associating with, patient advocates, representatives and related patient services professionals. Affiliate Members do not have a member vote, they have all other benefits of membership.